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Blue Stream Service Enhancement

The incorporation of specialized reefer ships in our Blue Stream service assures excellent schedule reliability.

At StreamLines we understand the importance of schedule reliability. Over the last weeks, this has been disrupted due to operational issues both at the ports and with the ships.

As from this week the EB leg of our Blue Stream Service, linking Central America to Europe, is therefore enhanced by incorporating 6 specialized reefer ships, which will replace the fleet of container ships. Through this change, we will be able to assure exemplary schedule reliability

Furthermore, in response to our customers’ needs, we will incorporate a call to the port of Turbo in Colombia, which in combination with Seatrade’s Caribanex service, will offer the possibility of cutting bananas throughout the week for loading either on Tuesdays/Wednesdays on Blue Stream or on Thursdays/Fridays on Caribanex, - to preserve the highest fruit quality.

The palletized cargo operation is to be added to our current containerized cargo offerings, meaning both modalities are possible when using our services from Costa Rica, and for the first time, from Honduras and Guatemala. So even if you need to load a small number of pallets, it is possible only with StreamLines.

Transit time from Costa Rica to UK and Europe will remain unchanged, whilst significant improvements will be seen in Honduras and Guatemala where voyages will be shortened by one week to UK and 13 days to Rotterdam. The new EB Transit Times will be as follows:

Turbo: 18 days UK / 19 days Rotterdam
Costa Rica: 15 days UK / 16 days Rotterdam
Honduras: 14 days UK / 15 days Rotterdam
Guatemala: 13 days UK / 14 days Rotterdam

As from week 15 the changeover to specialized reefer ships will also be effective for the WB leg, linking Europe to the Caribbean, which will continue to offer a premium product to the French West Indies, Curaçao and Aruba, with the improved flexibility of reefer ships to carry Break Bulk cargo.