North America Inland Trucking

19.02.2018 In December 2017 the ELD (Electronic Log Data) mandate has been adopted, which prohibits truckers from being behind the wheel for more than 10 hours a...

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Blue Stream service enhancement 2018

12.12.2017 StreamLines is pleased to announce the enhancement of its Blue Stream service rotation which will be implemented as from January 2018.

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THC Adjustments - Tilbury

11.12.2017 As from January 1, 2018 the THC in Tilbury for dry containers will change.

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Advanced Cargo Declaration Surcharge

30.11.2017 As from January 1, 2018 onwards StreamLines is required to implement an ACDS (Advanced Cargo Declaration Surcharge) fee.

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THC Adjustments - Central America

30.10.2017 As from December 1, 2017 the THCs for Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala will change for Dry and Reefer containers.

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